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Extend Your Accounting Software

As an ABSS(MYOB) Platinum Partner and Certified Official Developer, our developers are centred on ABSS(MYOB).

For Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service

Our developers have developed ABSS e-Payment add-on for Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service with the core of ABSS(MYOB) to help businesses save a lot of manpower and time.

If your business is using an ABSS(MYOB) accounting system, our solution will help you grow your business.

ABSS (MYOB) customised electronic payment system

Ensure no disruption to existing payment processing

Ensure accuracy, security and stability

Ensure adequate approval and authorisation of payments

Ensure communication with all parties

Ensure audit trail

Ensure that payments are recognised by government agencies

Ensure maximum payment amounts are set for each transaction

Two payment methods

Direct Payment

E-cheque / Cheque Dispatch

Establishment method

Based on accounting software MYOB

Add “Plug-in” to support and connect with online bank for e-authorisation/approval

Direct payment to “Grantor” after authorisation

Notify the Unit and the Grantor when payment is made

“Add-on” Operation

1. Set up a database of payors using the existing system, including: payment invoices, bank account numbers or transfer codes.

2. Provide a unique and distinct transaction number for each spending transaction.

3. Provide “Specific Reports” for review and approval by Finance and Senior Management.

4. Create “Bank Specific Payment Files” to link with online banks and for online approval by note signatories.

5. Provide “Specific Report” to notify the entity and the grantor upon completion of the transaction.

Click here to download ABSS e-Payment Add-on User Manual (English)



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