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Business Digital Transformation (Introductory)

Business Digital Transformation (Introductory)2024-05-25T08:16:30+00:00

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Areas of Study and Training

General business management and operations

Program Objectives

  1. Understand the Concept of Business Digital Transformation: Gain a fundamental understanding of what business digital transformation entails and why it is crucial in today’s business landscape.
  2. Familiarize with Key Digital Tools: Learn about Microsoft Forms, Power Automate, Power Apps, and their role in digital transformation.
  3. Introduction to AI in Business: Understand the basics of AI and how it can be leveraged in business processes.
  4. Practical Application: Apply the learned concepts in real-world business scenarios to reinforce understanding.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Define Digital Transformation: Explain the concept of business digital transformation and its importance.
  2. Use Digital Tools: Demonstrate the ability to use Microsoft Forms, Power Automate, and Power Apps in a business context.
  3. Understand AI Applications: Understand how AI can be used in business and identify potential opportunities for AI integration.
  4. Apply Knowledge: Apply the concepts learned in the course to analyse a business scenario and suggest a digital transformation strategy.

The course will be structured as follows:

  • Three 3-hour contact sessions: These sessions will be interactive lectures where the concepts of digital transformation, Microsoft tools, and AI will be introduced and discussed.
  • Three 1.5-hour self-study sessions: These sessions will provide students with the opportunity to explore the tools and concepts on their own, reinforcing what was learned during the contact sessions.  Students will have access to free tools for these self-study sessions.
  • One 1.5-hour assessment session: This session will assess the students’ understanding of the course material and their ability to apply the concepts in a business context.

Contact Session 1: Introduction to Business Digital Transformation and Microsoft Forms

Materials to Cover:

  • Introduction to Business Digital Transformation
  • Importance and benefits of Digital Transformation
  • Introduction to Microsoft Forms
  • Creating surveys, quizzes, and polls using Microsoft Forms
  • Analysing responses

Software to Learn: Microsoft Forms

Self-Study Plan:

  • Read about successful case studies of digital transformation
  • Explore Microsoft Forms and create a sample survey
  • Analyse the responses of the survey

Contact Session 2: Power Automate and Power Apps

Materials to Cover:

  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Creating workflows using Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Apps
  • Building a basic app using Power Apps

Software to Learn: Power Automate, Power Apps

Self-Study Plan:

  • Read about how businesses are using Power Automate and Power Apps
  • Create a workflow using Power Automate
  • Build a basic app using Power Apps

Contact Session 3: Introduction to AI in Business

Materials to Cover:

  • Basics of AI
  • Role of AI in digital transformation
  • Case studies of businesses using AI

Software to Learn: Microsoft AI software, broad understanding of AI applications

Self-Study Plan:

  • Read about different AI technologies and their applications in business
  • Identify a business problem that can be solved using AI

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