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MYOB HK Accounting Software

English and Traditional Chinese interface, easy to learn and use, full-featured,
MYOB is one of the most popular SME accounting software in Hong Kong.

    • Complete accounting and financial functions: sales, purchasing, inventory, project management, compensation management
    • English and Traditional Chinese interface, support for dual language data input
    • Automatic double billing to simplify cumbersome manual billing
    • Can handle multiple currency transactions, suitable for trade industry
    • Import and export data to Excel, you can set up your own company form, such as quotation, invoice
    • Windows version provides up to 5 company data files, can handle multiple company accounts (can be purchased, up to 99 company data files)
    • Password protected, restricted access
    • Connect to an online store, you can have an online store without writing a website.

*Many colleges and universities, CPA firms, HKIAAT and LCCI International Qualification use MYOB as the education and assessment standard。

MYOB HK Accounting Software Features

Premier Plus is a complete business management solution.
In addition to having the best features of Premier, MYOB accounting software also adds payroll,
The function of MPF and employee tax. Premier Plus can even help calculate employee salaries, bonuses, MPF and more.
Premier Plus can also handle different currency and account transactions.
Different employees can also enter the accounting software at the same time, which can improve work efficiency.
The MYOB South Asia accounting system was officially renamed ABSS on January 1, 2018. Same thing, different name.
MYOB’s only official website: https://hk.abssasia.com/

Accounting function

• 100 kinds of chart of accounts, suitable for all walks of life
• Recordable department/subsidiary accounts
• View cash and accruals report for profit and loss statements and balance sheets

Bank function

• View rollover balances and bank account overview
• Foreign currency collection and payment of bills
• Bank bank reconciliation is quick and easy
• Import local or foreign currency account online statement for automatic bank reconciliation

Sales and purchasing

• Enter quotes, orders, invoices/bills
• The quote is converted into an order/invoice, one click
• Payment receipt
• Customizable form format
• Can handle on-time billing items
• Statistical sales sources and analysis of salesperson performance
• Quickly record and modify documents from customers or suppliers
• View shippers and payment invoices

Warehouse management

• View inventory status
• Improve recording components and finished products
• Reordering tips
• Process inventory and automatically adjust inventory
• Can store goods pictures
• Pre-receive goods in any case
• Assist in purchasing the right amount of product
• Support multiple warehouse locations

Customers and suppliers

• A common alternate letter template, combined with mail to MS Word to create a letter
• Printed mailing labels
• Easy and fast export/import list for enhanced customer relationship management

Project management

• Record different project benefits, direct costs, expenses, profit and loss
• Item number is special and can be expanded to 15 characters
• Project table can be exported/imported


• More than 150 reports available
• Develop a budget and compare it with actual performance
• Cash flow statement
• Customer/Supplier Ledger Report
• Document Report
• Audit Report
• Audit reports accurately coherent company report files
• Prior notice before the audit work, and can set a specified time

Compensation management

• Record payroll records and employee information
• Support hourly, monthly or irregular salary
• Salary of employees based on work schedule
• Support different pay methods, including cash and checks
• Support different salary categories, such as salary, MPF, deduction
• Calculate and record MPF contributions
• Print tax returns and tax returns
• Enhanced security settings for employee cards

ABSS Accounting Comparison Table

Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Accounting Premier PremierPlusPremierInternational
Product Comparison
User InterfaceTranditional Chinese/English Tranditional Chinese/English Tranditional Chinese/EnglishEnglish
UserStandalone Multiple MultipleMultiple
Company FileUp to
General Ledger

Journal Entry, Bank Transfer, Audit Adjustment

MYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HK

Expenditure, Collection Bank Reconciliation

MYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HKMYOB, accounting software, 會計軟件, MYOB HK

Quotation, Order, Invoice, Receipt

Account Receivable

Customer Statement


Quotation, Order, Invoice, Receipt

Account Payable

Supplier Bill


Integrated Warehouse Management

Multiple Inventory Locations, Multiple Pricing for Goods

Self-create Goods, Goods Adjustment

Charge on Time

Enter Working Records, Charge on Time

Card ID

Contact Management

Export to MS Word & Excel

Forms and Reports

Management and Financial Statements


Custom Form Format (example: invoice)

Print Voucher, Check

Tax, Import Tax, Sales Tax(New)

Advanced Function

ABSS Webstore(New)

Business Intelligence(New)

Connect to BI, Webstore

Project Profit and Loss Management

Handling Foreign Currency Transactions

Payroll Management

Salary (hourly, daily, fixed salary)


Print Employee Tax Returns and Salary Statements

IR56B export to XML
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