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X-Analyze SmartPOS

X-Analyze SmartPOS retail system is the only POS retail system in Hong Kong that can be closely linked with ABSS accounting software
The retail system is connected with the front-end retail stores and the back-end accounting management system.

Smart POS Gen 2 Latest Update (2022)

  • Works on the Web (web browser)
  • Can run on a stand-alone computer
  • Integration with ABSS MYOB Premier (optional) – Download customers and items from Premier and upload daily sales per computer to Premier
  • Automatically calculate VIP points for customers
  • Employee ID and Password Login
  • Employee Access Rights Assignment
  • Multiple payment types
  • Information displayed on receipts: store name, address, phone number, website, receipt header message, receipt footer message, disclaimer.
  • Record customers and reviews. For each sales line, record: Item Code, Item Description, Lot/Serial Number (optional), Quantity, List Price, Discount %, Amount.
  • Search past receipts.
  • Partial payment accepted as deposit.
  • Flexible regulatory approval reports: transaction details, payment method details, merchandise sales.
  • Displays the on-hand quantity of all or a single item in each store. Accuracy can be real-time or the last download of Premier. (For Premier only)
  • Search from sales transactions by Receipt No., Serial No. or Batch No.
  • Import customers and data from Premier.
  • Upload sales data to Premier.

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How to apply X-Analyze Smart POS retail system to retail business!

The store manager returns to the store in the morning, turns on the computer, enters the employee number and password to log in to the sales system, uses the Connector function in the X-Analyze Smart POS to connect to the office, and updates MYOB’s product information and customer information. The process only takes half a minute.。


The X-Analyze Smart POS retail system can record multiple payment methods, giving customers more choices when paying.

X-Analyze Smart POS has a membership system, the clerk only needs to enter the phone number, the member customer points record is clear at a glance, and the store can set up a specific discount percentage rate for each membership level.


X-Analyze Smart POS has the function of checking the quantity of goods, and the clerk can instantly check the existing stock quantity of each branch and inform the customer.

The X-Analyze Smart POS has a quick query, and the clerk can check the transaction record or make a return function based on the product serial number or sales order number.


Colleagues in the office only need to open the program we installed on the desktop, and they will be directly connected to the store’s cash register system, and all store transaction records will be imported into the MYOB accounting system, which is safe, convenient and fast.


X-Analyze Smart POS Feature

  • Support English and Traditional Chinese interface

  • Supports touch screen, mouse and keyboard

  • 即時銷售查詢
  • 即時倉存查詢
  • 支援銷售、存款和退款
  • 支援多種交易方式
  • 可設定指定價格予VIP客戶
  • 零售店盤點
  • 零售收貨和退貨功能
  • 可同時處理多項交易
  • 可匯出報表至Excel
  • 為產品記錄批號和序號
  • 可增加智能分析報表
  • 完整批發功能: 報價、發票、送貨、退換


  • 利用 Microsoft Office 作資料中心
  • 更新項目資料 (包括價格) 到店舖
  • 更新客戶資料和折扣
  • 支援即時零售店舖銷售查詢
  • 支援即時零售點倉存查詢
  • 上傳資料到 MYOB Premier / Plus
  • Microsoft SQL Server 數據庫



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