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Build your own retail system, say goodbye to painful and complicated work

Every one of us goes to retail stores to buy things almost every day. Whether it is daily necessities, food, drinks, clothes, etc., there are retail stores. It can be said that retail stores are everywhere around us. It is conceivable that the daily transaction volume of a retail store is very high. If the retail management system (hereinafter referred to as POS) is not linked with the company’s accounting software or customer relationship management (hereinafter referred to as CRM), it will definitely operate very well. strenuous.

So today we will share with you a savior of the retail industry – “SmartBusiness”, which includes POS system, CRM system and accounting system, to solve all the problems of the retail industry at one time!

1) Complete ecosystem

SmartBusiness is mainly divided into three parts, and each part can be connected with other software or systems. The three parts include accounting, POS system and CRM system. The complete ecosystem already includes accounting, inventory, payroll, purchasing, loyalty programs, payment platforms, eDMs that track customer reviews, and more. If your company is newly established, or your business is facing problems due to administrative issues, you can definitely consider SmartBusiness, because this complete solution is suitable for retail stores that are just starting out, as well as for chain retail stores. And an industry-appropriate retail solution can definitely bring you more customers and increase their loyalty.

2) There is no problem with online orders

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular these days, and many retail stores are selling online. With the support of the SmartBusiness ecosystem, whether you receive online sales orders, Paypal payment notifications, transaction reports or other e-commerce connectors, you can put data on the Microsoft cloud platform or on your company’s server, and then The data will also be seamlessly connected to SmartBusiness’ accounting software and CRM system. This eliminates the need for manpower to do these cumbersome things, and at the same time can improve performance and increase sales.

3) No need to worry about security issues

You may have a question, if I put all the accounting, data, turnover, etc. information on the SmartBusiness platform, will there be any security risk issues? Absolutely nothing to worry about. Because the entire SmartBusiness solution uses Microsoft’s solution, including just mentioned that after receiving an online sales order, the system will put all data on Microsoft’s platform, for example, if it is in the cloud, it will use Azure or SharePoint, and If you use the company’s server, you can also set it on the SQL server. And after receiving the order, Power Automate will also be used to automatically generate sales order numbers and invoices, and the data in Power BI analysis will also be used, so that your business and turnover can increase step by step.

All in all, if your business is encountering administrative problems, or you are using different systems, and you need to manually move data around or by yourself, it is recommended that you consider the SmartBusiness solution, because the entire SmartBusiness ecosystem The system can solve most of the administrative problems for you, so that you can put your time in the right place, and then increase your turnover and business. Contact us to book SmartBusiness Demo now!

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