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Corporate Anti-Corona Virus Measures

How should Working Remotely be implemented?

Recently, new coronaviruses are rampant all over the world, which makes people worry about getting infected easily when they go out. It is safer to stay at home if not necessary, but want to work remotely, corporate needs some specific software of the company computer to read and write company computer files at work, then you need a company server and remote control software.

Company’s owned server

Fully own your own server, but you need to maintain it yourself

Microsoft Azure cloud server

Microsoft server, no need to maintain physical hardware, but there is a fee

Working Remotely

Performance Enhancer

Allow multiple users to connect to the server / Azure Cloud to work at the same time

TeamViewer/Other connection methods

Connect with third-party software, but only one colleague can work at the same time

(Note: Due to the security risks of connecting to the company network with the company’s external IP, I strongly recommend using VPN encryption to connect to the company network to prevent hackers from invading the company’s internal network to steal / encrypt ransomware)

Remote work is also applicable to business development in the Greater Bay Area!

If you plan to develop business in the Greater Bay Area, but because of geographical transportation / manpower resources / epidemic restrictions, you cannot travel frequently between the two places
You can choose to set up / rent a Microsoft Azure cloud server in another location
Use remote VPN encryption to connect to company servers to use certain software, read and write company computer files

ABSS International

ABSS Premier International is ideal for SME accounting software,
Can help you handle sales and purchases, track accounts receivable, accounts payable and GST,
Email quotes and invoices to you.
ABSS avoids complicated accounting terms and is easy to use,
Its award-winning design allows you to easily track all accounting data.
The latest international tax updates can better meet your job requirements.

Our services

Implementing work from home, regardless of operational, management staff and industry restrictions, has certain difficulties for SMEs.
For example, in setting the server, VPN encryption connection method, server backup, communication software settings, etc.
United Technologies has more than 26 years of IT experience,
The experienced IT team provides technical support and required technical solutions on the Microsoft platform,
Such as maintenance, IT technical support, IT outsourcing, server installation, computer maintenance and other services
In addition, we also provide professional computer consulting services, purchase computer software and hardware,
ABSS accounting software, CRM customer relationship management eDM software, POS retail system, to provide customers with economic and diversified one-stop services.

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